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Tim Cook: Apple Pay coming to Europe by end of year

Tim Cook: Apple Pay coming to Europe by end of year

by Jon Mundy 26 February 2015 |


Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Apple CEO Tim Cook has reportedly spoken about Apple Pay in Europe – and it may not be coming as soon as you would have hoped.

While we’re all excited to see how the Apple Watch turns out, it seems as if it will be missing the same fundamental feature in Europe as the iPhone 6 did upon its launch – Apple Pay.

Apple’s mobile payment system will work with the Apple Watch over in the US to enable easy shop payments with a swipe of your wrist. It supports cards that make up around 90 per cent of US credit cards by transaction volume, and has the backing of around 500 US banks.

As yet, however, there’s been no word on when Europe will get Apple Pay.

According to French website iGen, during a recent trip to Germany, Apple chief Tim Cook spoke briefly about the company’s European plans. He told Apple Store staff that the feature would be coming “before the end of the year.”

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That’s somewhat worryingly vague, given that reports in January indicated a March rollout for Apple Pay in non-US territories was possible. How about a “first half of 2015,” Tim?

It may be that only Canada gets Apple Pay next month, with Europe’s less uniform (and less North American) payment structure prompting a much later rollout. Here’s hoping that’s not the case.

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