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The top 10 most edited Wikipedia articles of 2014 contain a few surprises

The top 10 most edited Wikipedia articles of 2014 contain a few surprises



Image Credit: Paul Sawers/Venturebeat

Following on from the likes of Bing, Spotify, Google, and Facebook‘s retrospective look back at the year gone, the Wikimedia Foundation has embarked on its first foray into year-in-reviews with the launch of a crowdsourced video.

The skit was compiled using images and videos from Wikipedia users in less than two months, with a budget of next-to-nothing. “We had to get creative to make this happen, we couldn’t just throw money at it,” explains the Wikimedia Foundation’s video producer, Victor Grigas in a blog post. “This video was made with everyday tools: a computer, an internet connection, lots of deep, patient thinking, research and collaboration, and the free content that ordinary people uploaded to Wikipedia.”

And here is the Wikipedia: #Edit2014 video, in all its near-3-minute glory. But it doesn’t really reveal all that much about the specifics of 2014, in terms of what topics received the most attention.

After a little bit of digging (okay okay, we consulted the Wikimedia Foundation), we discovered that more than three million articles were created this year, with 100 million edits made across the board. But which of these articles were contributed to most?

Well, there were similar topical patterns to what we’ve seen on other social channels, with the likes of Ebola and the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 featuring highly. But there were a handful in there that may surprise you.

Indeed, the top post by quite some margin in 2014 was Deaths in 2014, which has notched up 19,324 edits at the time of writing, almost double that of the 10,166 from Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. And what about third spot? Well, Japanese dissidence during the Shōwa period, of course, with 8,101 edits. The List of works by French sculptor Eugène Guillaume was in tenth place.

The entire top 10 most edited articles come from the English-language Wikipedia, and are as follows:

1. Deaths in 2014 (19,324)
2. Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (10,166)
2. Japanese dissidence during the Shōwa period (8,101)
4. Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa (7,644)
5. Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (7,312)
6. 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict (6,485)
7. Shooting of Michael Brown (5,419)
8. Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (5,147)
9. 2014 Pacific typhoon season (4,954)
10. List of works by Eugène Guillaume (4,229)

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