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The SIM operated deskphone revolution starts now

The SIM operated deskphone revolution starts now

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Posted on: 23 October 2014.

The SIM operated deskphone revolution starts now

Traditionally businesses of all sizes have used either fixed line or IP-hosted desk telephones for office-based communications. These have been the only options for business – until now. Wouldn’t it be great to combine the usability of a desk phone with the flexibility and low cost of a mobile phone? This is what a SIM operated deskphone does and it is proving a cost effective way for a business to integrate desktop-based communications system into the office.

All the functionality of a desk phone is present: an internal call network, HD call-quality, call transfer, call recording, hands free speakerphone. The big difference is the phone features a mobile SIM card. It means connectivity is over the mobile phone network and this offers a number of advantages over its incumbent counterparts.

With no cables required (except for powering) or costly Private Automated Branch Exchange (PABX) line infrastructure and new fixed telephone lines to install, SIM operated deskphones reduce capital expenditure for businesses. If tariffs and bundles follow the current mobile phone subscription models, SIM operated deskphone can be cost effective with lower ongoing costs for calls, cutting operational costs.

Flexibility is also a key advantage of SIM operated deskphone. Thanks to connection via a virtual PABX provided by the mobile phone operators, the telephones can be quickly installed and moved from desk to desk, office to office and location to location without any new or extra installation costs – ideal for growing business wishing to add new desk phones, home workers and businesses relocations.

The emergence of SIM operated deskphones doesn’t just provide big benefits to businesses but also offers new business opportunities and revenue streams for mobile networks. Operators can develop the SIM operated deskphone market and expand their connections into the office environment, increasing subscriptions in the process. The networks can also provide new customers with reduced costs in the form of hardware subsidies while also offer unified communications: combine office and mobile packages for customers at a better rate.

The technology of SIM operated deskphones is also more innovative that traditional fixed line and IP-based hardware with Tecdesk having developed the first telephone based on the Android operating system. Our top of the range Smart 5500 model delivers smartphone features with the ability to install useful apps – broadening the remit of a desk phone beyond call functionality. [EC] We will change and update our

By delivering reliability AND flexibility, reduced ownership costs and the best of tethered phone and mobile functionality, SIM operated deskphones are an attractive office-based communications proposition for any business.

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