Monday , 18 February 2019
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The Nokia 8110 4G is now available to buy in Australia .. kind of

The Nokia 8110 4G is now available to buy in Australia .. kind of

Two years in a row now Nokia has announced something a little quirky alongside its more mainstream phones at Mobile World Congress, and in 2018, that quirky something was a revamped Nokia 8110.

Made famous by (amongst other things) the Matrix series and drug dealers, the Nokia 8110 features an incredibly distinctive sliding cover which makes for one hell of a unique way to hang up on people (or to answer a call).

When we saw this ourselves, we were incredibly impressed, but held low hopes for Nokia bringing the phone to Australia – though, they promise they’ll let us know if this changes.

But let’s say you want a Nokia 8110 4G today. Well good news, you can buy one and have it within a couple of days.

Expansys has the yellow Nokia 8110 4G in stock for just under $150 plus delivery fees. The black variant – which might suit the die-hard Matrix fans a little better – is also available, and about $20 cheaper. According to Expansys, the stock they’ve obtained supports all the main 4G bands in use in Australia, so this phone should work for just about everyone.

Let us know if you’ll be ordering one, for serious use or for nostalgia it doesn’t really matter.

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