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The Long Awaited 5G is Almost Here – TrendinTech

The Long Awaited 5G is Almost Here – TrendinTech

For a lot of people, 4G is perfectly acceptable, and they won’t have given 5G a moment’s thought. But, for those that are heavily into their electronics or work in the industry, it’s been a long time coming and a wait they will be glad to see the back of. Although 4G was fairly reliable and got us prepared for what’s to come, 5G wireless data will just blow us away in comparison.

There are a couple of things that make 5G so much better than 4G. The first is the speed, while the second is its responsiveness to apps and other services. This low latency is a great selling point as our current 4G network isn’t too great with it. According to tests carried out in 2016, Verizon offered the fastest LTE in America with average download speeds ay 27.79 megabits per second.  But, it fell when its latency measured in at 60.97 milliseconds. This shouldn’t happen when 5G is here, and latency figures are expected to be below one megabit per second, which is what you would get with a hard-wired connection.

Many people and products will benefit from 5G. Amusement parks would be able to offer “immersive entertainment and amusement without having to stand in long lines,” says architect Roger Gurnani. It would also be used by self-driving cars and robot surgeons. If the technology performs as good as expected, it may even replace wired home connections too.

As good as all this may sound there are a few downsides that we can see too. The first being a lot more infrastructure is needed to be able to offer these super-fast speeds and experts estimate this could cost as much as $900 billion to do this worldwide. EY global telecommunications leader, Prashant Singhal, said on the matter, “The problem is the amount of [capital expenditure]. Somebody will have to pay for that.” The other major problem we can foresee is that there is no set standard as of yet for 5G. What this means is that we may see things being advertised as 5G, but until a standard has been set, that may not necessarily be true, so just be extra vigilant in any upcoming purchases.

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