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The latest gadget goodies for your home

The latest gadget goodies for your home

From smart speakers to wireless cameras, Noel Campion plugs into the latest tech offerings for your home.

We all want a safer cyber environment for our children to grow and learn and iKydz allows parents take back control of how they use the internet. iKydz provides the ability to block websites, filter content, manage time online and other age-based restrictions.

You can control specific devices including phones, tablets, laptops, computers and even game consoles over WiFi or even a LAN connection and monitor internet usage. iKydz takes only minutes to setup and is controlled using the free to download the iKydz app.

iKydz Home costs €99 while iKydz Pro (€139) contains all iKydz Home’s functionality, only faster and with more LAN ports. Available now from CarphoneWarehouse.

The Huawei AI CUBE is a smart speaker that is Powered by Alexa and features a 4G modem and router so it doesn’t need a fixed line home network to work or bring connectivity into your home.

This makes it ideal for taking with you only staycations or as a hotspot, instead of having to use your phone or a dongle for broadband.

The AI Cube is expected out before the end of the year, but no pricing yet. RRP €249.

The Beosound Edge was designed in partnership with world-renowned designer Michael Anastassiades.

This beautiful wireless speaker has a unique circular shape that allows for two placement options.

On the floor, or placed on the wall this incredible fusion of technology and sculpture, which was designed based on the British pound coin, that can slowly rock back and forth to increase and decrease volume, or if you prefer more traditional controls, there’s a touch interface built-in to the frame.

This is an amazing speaker with an incredible sound and price of €3,250 to match. Available in November.

The V-Camera by Vodafone is a completely wireless, high-definition mobile security camera that automatically connects to Vodafone’s IoT (Internet of Things) network.

This allows Vodafone customers to set up continuous remote video monitoring of any location where there is 3G or 4G coverage.

It can be used while plugged in, or via its own internal battery that can last for weeks on a single charge. It’s simple to set-up and use, it captures clear video based on motion both during the day and at night, which is stored for up to a week in a secure area online – you can access it whenever you need it.

It also has a two-way microphone so you can talk and listen to anyone in earshot of the camera plus it’s weatherproof. The V-Camera is available to purchase for €350.00 upfront and €4.99 monthly connectivity fee, which is added to the customer’s bill automatically.

The Samsung Q900R TV starts at 65-inches all the way up to 85-inches. Forget your standard 4K TV, 8K is here.

The Q900R has a suite of AI upscaling tech, to make your existing content look even better by upscaling it to 8K.

Unfortunately, early adopters won’t have any native 8K content to watch but that’s the price you pay for being the first.

The Samsung Q900R features Real 8K Resolution capable of up to 4,000 nit peak brightness. which is insanely bright, but brings images to life like no other TV currently on the market. Available in October.

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