Wednesday , 26 June 2019
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The Backed Pack: an iPhone lens, a smart pen, & a shoe sanitizer

The Backed Pack: an iPhone lens, a smart pen, & a shoe sanitizer

Each week, our friends at Backerjack bring us updates on some of the most successful gadget crowdfunding campaigns.

Snap! 6

Snap! 6 hopes to make the perfect selfie attainable. Aside from its functionality as an iPhone 6 case with a widened base grip to make the phone easier to hold with one hand away from the camera, SNAP! 6 includes an actual shutter button to make the process more intuitive. This product also comes with interchangeable lenses for any occasion. Snap! 6 has well exceeded its modest goal, proving that the alluring power of a great selfie is enough to get tons of backers to pay up.



The Equil Smartpen 2 works on any paper surface, but does so with some added bonuses. It uses real ink while also recording and transmitting content to a smartphone, digitizing a completely accurate duplicate of what is being written. The end result is that the writing process is not altered in the slightest and the digital version has all of the necessary detail and nuance that makes it ideal for sharing. With a different tip, the Equil Smartpen 2 also works as a stylus that can provide precise control on tablets or other pen-enabled devices. Backers can’t wait to catapult this one into manufacturing as they’ve already helped raise half a million dollars for this project.

SteriShoe 2.0


Introducing the SteriShoe 2.0 which uses UVC light to disinfect shoes. The product is shoe-shaped, obviously, and has two metal prongs that sit inside the shoe. It also features a fan to dry the shoes since lots fungi thrive in dark, wet environments. Many backers are hopping on board, helping this product exceed its campaign goal. Supporters seem to agree that if the SteriShoe 2.0 eliminates germs and bacteria, then it’s a worthy investment, especially since it’s not a disposable product like most shoe-related remedies seem to be.

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