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SwiftKey’s next version will predict two words at a time

by Chris Smith 22 October 2015


Popular smartphone keyboard app SwiftKey has announced it is testing a new version, which will enable it to predict the user’s next two words.

The new SwiftKey 6.0 Beta will double down and offer commonly-used pairs of words suggestions for users.

As the company demonstrated in its announcement on Wednesday, if a user types “Swift Key 6 Beta is” then the app will surmise they wish to type “out now” next.

With the double-word prediction tool, the company is predicting typing will now be twice as fast as before.

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The company says (via AndroidCentral): “For the first time, we’ve taken SwiftKey’s mind-reading accuracy to the next level with the introduction of Double-Word Prediction. SwiftKey will now predict the next two words you’re likely to type at the same time, resulting in a much faster (up to 2x) experience for you than ever before.

“In true SwiftKey style, the Double-Word Prediction feature will continue to capture the phrases that matter most to you to truly embody your personal writing style. The feature is a seamless new addition to the app and you won’t need to do anything beyond look out for the two word display in your usual prediction bar – applicable in every single language (over 100!) we support in our library.”

Elsewhere the Emoji panel has been refined with a new ribbon that sits along the top of the panel.

The beta can be downloaded from the Google Play store now.

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