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Supporting IP and high capacity product rollouts – Global Telecoms Business

Supporting IP and high capacity product rollouts – Global Telecoms Business

Sponsored contentWhat trends has GlobeNet noticed within telecoms, and how have these been impacting GlobeNet?

In the past few years, the transition from legacy services to new high bandwidth and IP services have surged significantly within the video and entertainment industries, due to the onset of a variety of emerging technologies. 

We believe the appropriate IP and high capacity product roll out to support these technologies needs reliable transport backbone and connectivity. GlobeNet delivers a complete end-to-end solution from transport to local connectivity, via any of our 18 points-of-presence (PoPs) from Latin America to the US making GlobeNet the ideal provider in the Americas.

Q. One key consideration for carriers and telcos is security. How big is the threat of DDoS attacks, and what can carriers do to protect themselves?

Security is a hot button issue. In recent months, Brazil supplanted the US as the top target of DDoS attacks with 25% compared to 23%. DDoS attacks are becoming more prevalent throughout Latin America as these economies grow.

We provide a powerful DDoS mitigation product that monitors customer traffic and offers immediate mitigation when an attack occurs. This new pay-as-you-use solution is designed to offer ISPs and large international carriers peace-of-mind with 24/7 protection of their traffic and network without a heavy investment in deploying their own solution for their network. 

Q. GlobeNet has a strong presence in the growing Latin American market. What are the key drivers there?

Overall internet penetration in Latin America is expected to jump from 56.1% in 2016 to 60.9% in 2019, according to Internet World Stats. As a leading provider of data network services throughout the Americas, GlobeNet’s network and data centre expansion in these markets solidly positions the company for strong growth and to help meet the current and future data network needs throughout South America.

Q. You recently launched new facilities in Brazil. What was the driver behind the expansion in Rio de Janeiro?

IaaS is in high demand. As a result, GlobeNet is expanding its colocation facilities in Rio de Janeiro and providing attractive bundles to customers that want to take advantage of the improved connectivity to the Brazilian IXs/PPTs by colocating within our facilities (Rio, and Fortaleza).

Carriers and ISPs need to present additional value to their customers in order to stand out in a competitive global market. By accessing IXs/PTTs in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, customers benefit from improved service quality, better performance and improved control of the service.

Q. You have won a number of awards in 2017. What have been the key drivers behind your successes? How much of a role does strong leadership play in this?

Yes, over the last few months GlobeNet has received the Valor 1000 Best Telecom and IT Company of 2016 award, and the Frost and Sullivan 2017 Company of the Year award and the 2017 Wholesale Innovation award by Global Telecom Business. We’re both thrilled and honoured by these prestigious awards.

Our leadership team is a key driving force in our success, but each and every GlobeNet employee that works hard to deliver reliable, quality services with an unmatched dedication to customer experience has contributed to these wins. 

Q. What does GlobeNet have planned for its pipeline?

As a trusted business partner to our customers, GlobeNet remains committed to providing quality product offerings today while continuing to invest in the network to meet their future needs. This may take us wherever the demand and the customer or end user needs for high capacity and quality services grow. Stay tuned for next month’s announcements. []

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