Sunday , 26 May 2019
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Streaming video use nearly level with TV viewing – survey

Streaming video use nearly level with TV viewing – survey

Streaming video is now almost level with traditional TV watching, according to a survey of broadband users in 23 countries by Ericsson ConsumerLab. Some 75 percent of consumers now watch streamed content several times a week, compared to 77 percent who watched scheduled TV broadcasts. The survey also found a 25 percent increase in two years of consumers prepared to pay for “anywhere access” to content on any device, which now stands at nearly one in five viewers (19%).

The study shows a rise in the amount of time spent watching content on smart phones and tablet devices. It also reveals that traditional broadcast and Pay TV channels are seen by many as ‘content repositories’ from which consumers cherry-pick individual pieces of content for later viewing, using their digital video recorder (DVR). DVR functionality is also helping to continue the trend of “binge viewing”, which began with the advent of boxed sets of TV series and movie sequels.

According to the survey, while 41 percent of consumers expressed a desire to be able to watch their favourite shows anywhere, there were two major barriers to this: the cost of data traffic and the cost of the content itself. The research also found that many were not prepared to compromise on quality, with 43 percent saying that Ultra High Definition (UHD) was important to them.

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