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Strategy Analytics: Smartphone Size Preference Stabilizes at 5.3" - MVNO MVNE MNO Mobile & Telecoms industry intelligence
Sunday , 21 July 2019
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Strategy Analytics: Smartphone Size Preference Stabilizes at 5.3"

Strategy Analytics: Smartphone Size Preference Stabilizes at 5.3"

Published on: 21st Dec 2015

In the first half of 2015, US and UK smartphone users were most likely to be interested in a device with a display size of 5.3″ overall. Findings in a new report from Strategy Analytics also showed that respondents surveyed in the US have a greater interest in the larger sized prototypes than those surveyed in the UK, while Android owners have a greater interest in phablet sized prototypes compared to Apple owners.

ュCurrent smartphone owners are also more likely to prefer a thicker prototype with a longer battery life over a thinner phone.

Similar to the second half of 2014, the prototype with a 5.3″ display was most preferred by consumers overall in H1 2015; this was followed by the 5.0″ and 5.5″ prototypes. Even though the majority of smartphone owners surveyed preferred a prototype with a display larger than their current device, more than half of respondents expressed interest in a device that was only slightly larger than their current display size.

Monica Wong, report author and Analyst commented, “While interest in larger displays is considerable for current consumers it is still imperative to keep in mind that a device with good ‘fit in hand’ is important. Strategy Analytics’ has found previously that mobile devices with a thinner bezel, optimizing display, while still fitting well in hand overall, has far more appeal to consumers.”

Continued Wong, “While the thinner 6 mm prototype was most preferred by consumers initially, when told they could expect a third more battery life with a thicker phone (i.e. 8mm), consumers were willing to give up thinness for a longer lasting battery. As consumers continue to use their smartphones daily, they expect their phone to keep up with their busy lifestyles.”

Paul Brown, Director Mobile Device UX, added, “As Strategy Analytics’ has found, it is important for OEM’s to keep in mind that a long lasting battery is imperative to satisfy the consumers’ needs. It is also important for OEM’s to take into account that the largest battery capacity does not always mean the best battery life and finding a way to optimize battery performance is key. With that said, features such as ‘fast charging’ would aid consumers considerably in providing the ability to charge a larger battery in a shorter amount of time.”

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