Thursday , 23 May 2019
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Stay in touch with du's 15-day free VoIP offer –

Stay in touch with du's 15-day free VoIP offer –

Packed your children off to your home country for the summer? Thanks to du’s Internet Calling Pack, you can still be a part of their lives and savour their special moments. All you need to do is text ICP to 1012, and voila you get a 15-day free trial offer on your mobile. 

For the service to work, you would obviously need a data package. Download one of the apps – Botim or C’Me – from the App Store or the Play Store and register your phone number, and you are good to go. Video-call or voice-call anyone across the world to your heart’s content – you just have to make sure the recipients have downloaded the free apps on their devices.

So stop worrying about missing out on all the fun and become a part of your children’s memorable moments as they holiday. What’s more, with the Internet Calling Pack enabled on your phone, they can get in touch with you whenever they want without worrying about whether you are on the move or not.

Three days before the end of the free trial period, you will be offered the option to continue with the service for Dh50 a month plus 5 per cent VAT. If for any unforeseen reason, you want to cancel it, just send STOP NETCALL to 1355. 

Staying in touch with loved ones overseas is now as easy as that – with an average video call of 10 minutes using up only 35MB, you may not even have to go for a data upgrade. 

However, if you would rather video-call from the comfort of your home on a bigger screen, you can enable the Internet Calling Pack on your Wi-Fi. Call 04 390 5555 or visit any of the du branches to activate the service. You can use all the devices connected to your home Wi-Fi for unlimited video and voice calls with your family and friends across the globe. Unfortunately, the special 15-day free offer is not applicable to home users.

For more information on the Internet Calling Pack, visit  

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