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Spotify and Starbucks launch a new in-store ‘digital music experience’ in the U.S. - MVNO MVNE MNO Mobile & Telecoms industry intelligence
Wednesday , 17 July 2019
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Spotify and Starbucks launch a new in-store ‘digital music experience’ in the U.S.

Spotify and Starbucks launch a new in-store ‘digital music experience’ in the U.S.

Spotify and Starbucks are teaming up to launch a “new digital music experience” in thousands of coffee shops across the U.S.

First announced last May, Visitors to Starbucks’ more than 7,500 outlets will be able to identify music playing in-store through the Starbucks Mobile app and open the song directly within Spotify.

The fruits of the new Starbucks-Spotify partnership will be open to Starbucks’ mobile app users on both Android and iOS, and in addition to letting customers see what song is playing in real-time, they can also view recently played songs and save the ones they like best to a personal playlist on Spotify.

Starbucks on Spotify

Above: Starbucks on Spotify

Starbucks will also serve up the most popular music from its stores over the past 20 years, while customers can also influence future playlists in stores by actively choosing to “Love” a song that they hear.

Kicking off this month, Starbucks will also highlight new and established artists and issue curated playlists within the main Starbucks app, which can be opened in Spotify.

“Music has played a pivotal role in our stores for over forty years and we have been at the forefront of how to integrate it into a retail environment,”said Howard Schultz, chairman and CEO of Starbucks, in a press release. “Today is the next era in that experience. We are merging the physical and digital, providing new access points for Spotify as they continue to grow globally, placing more control into our customers’ hands and giving artists the world’s largest stage for them to share their talent.”

This does, of course, mean that customers must have the Spotify app installed on their devices too. However, while Spotify has often made new functionality such as this only available to subscribers on its monthly $10 service, it’s interesting to note here that the music-streaming titan is opening the Starbucks’ features to everyone, even those on the free ad-supported plan. With competitors such as Apple Music making headway, Spotify wants as many people using its service in the first instance, after which it hopes to lure people on permanently to the paid plan.

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