Wednesday , 22 May 2019
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Skype now offers free group video calls and full HD support on Samsung Smart TVs

Skype now offers free group video calls and full HD support on Samsung Smart TVs

Nine months after Skype revealed it was making group video calls free for Windows, Mac, and Xbox One users, the feature is now being made available gratis on TVs too.

Skype has been available on Samsung TVs for a while, but the group video chat feature has hitherto been absent, even for Premium subscribers. With the launch of Skype 4.0 today, anyone with a compatible Samsung Smart TV can not only access the service, but will also pay a grant total of zilch for the privilege.

Group chats on TV is actually restricted to three people, however, which doesn’t seem all that much when you consider the desktop version allows up to 10 people.

All participants will require an up-to-date TV with built-in camera. Interestingly, Skype will also be made available in full HD (1080), though again all parties must have compatible HD screens, cameras, and the latest version of Skype installed.

Google+ Hangouts has offered free group chats for a while, so it was inevitable that Microsoft would likely start offering the feature across its myriad of platforms too. Though Skype now offers free group chats on desktop, console, and TVs, there is still a glaring omission here – mobile.

Skype has previously revealed that it would be rolling out the free offering for other platforms, so it’s likely that smartphones and tablets will be added in the forseeable future.

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