Wednesday , 24 April 2019
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Sky Mobile expands MVNO with ‘Swap’ PayM proposition

Sky Mobile expands MVNO with ‘Swap’ PayM proposition

Sky Mobile expands MVNO with ‘Swap’ PayM proposition

Sky has expanded its mobile offering with the launch of ‘Swap’, PayM tariffs which include the opportunity to upgrade their device before the end of the contract with no additional charges.


The two deals, titled Swap12 and Swap24 are designed to allow users to get the latest phones every year, and to buck the consumer trend of increasing device lifecycles. Afer 12 or 24 months, users will be contacted and asked if they’d like to swap devices, if they do the device will be sent to them free of charge, if they are happy to stick with their current device they will receive a discount on their contract.


Sky CEO Stephen van Rooyen said, ‘Our mission to shake up the mobile market continues. Customers told us they want an affordable way to have the phone they want, when they want – so that’s exactly what we are doing. This means no more paying for expensive upgrade fees or long waits to get the latest models. Customers are already loving the flexibility and great value of Sky Mobile and we expect Swap to make this the most compelling offer in the market.’


Sky Mobile launched its MVNO in partnership with Telefonica in December 2016 as a SIM only proposition, though they had said at launch that a PAYM offering would be coming in early 2017. converged services director Vince Russell previously told Mobile that this device offering would like be Samsung and Apple, stating ‘I think we’re very happy that Apple and Samsung meet the needs of the majority of our customers initially.’ However, it seems there has been a change of heart at the MVNO with the device offering adding Sony and LG devices to the expected Samsung and Apple mix.


The devices to be available from when the service launches on the 30th of March are the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 5s, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy A5, Galaxy J5, LG G5 SE, LG K10 (2017), Xperia XZ, Xperia XA (2016) and Xperia E5 (2016).


Despite the brand’s decision to add mobile to its broadband, voice and TV offerings, Sky are keen for Sky Mobile to be seen as a standalone rather than a quad play proposition with Russell telling Mobile, ‘Sky does sell all four services – which you’d traditionally call a quad-play service – but I think it is important to note that it’s created to be a great value service in its own right.’

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