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Set UP MVNO UK, Engaging A Major UK Mobile Operator. Part 2.

Set UP MVNO UK, Engaging A Major UK Mobile Operator. Part 2.

Set UP MVNO UK.  How to set up a UK MVNO

Set UP MVNO UK, part 2, Engaging A Major UK Mobile Operator.

by Shams Moghul.


If you haven’t already seen part 1 you can see it here now:


Engaging directly with a UK Mobile Network Operator.

This writing is a continuation to my last piece and we are talking about setting up a UK based MVNO. I really want to touch on a few points here and remain focused on engaging a UK based major mobile network operator.  To give you an example “EE” would be classed as major UK mobile operator and to keep this independent ill mention a few others: “02”, “Vodafone” and “Three”.

Pre Mobile Network Engagement.

There are many considerations before you actually engage the “MNO” very briefly lets go over a few.

What is an MVNO?. Really having a deep understanding of this industry

What is the essence of your MVNO  business model?

What is the reality of the MVNO global market on the ground?

Which boundaries shall be considered within the mobile value chain?

How do you target a market and design a competitive strategy?

What are the lessons learned from respective success stories and pitfalls?

What are the leads for business growth and service differentiation?


Engaging a Mobile network Operator

When you first engage a Mobile operator with the idea of creating your own MVNO and possibly before any type of commercials are presented to you they would like to know exactly who you are, what part of the telecoms or wireless communications industry you hail from and in what type of capacity you would like to engage. In regards to the engagement capacity I mean where you would like to sit in the value chain.

What could be the different types of Engagement with a Mobile Network Operator.

The first approach could focus on MVNO`s that very simply repackage network operator’s services and issue their own SIM cards by relying almost completely on the host’s Mobile networks facilities with a little product differentiation.

The second approach, what we would call “Radio Access” consists of MVNO`s which have and operate their own core network infrastructure including switching, home location register, billing, customer care, value added services platforms and intelligent network systems.

In truth, most MVNOs fall somewhere between this Zone according to their technological implementation choices, market strategies and the respective regulatory framework.

In my next post i would like to go through what types of questions or information that may be requested by a Mobile Network Operator from you and your potential greenfield MVNO.

The Mobile Network Operator will engage directly if your MVNO has the potential and size and you intend to make a significant investment in to your new MVNO. If the “MNO”  fails to see your scope they will refer you to an MVNE.


Hope this helps and please be sure to read part 3.


How to set up a UK MVNO and engaging a “MNO” directly. part 2

by Shams Moghul.

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