Wednesday , 22 May 2019
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SecondMarket wins 48,000 Bitcoin in U.S. Marshall’s auction

SecondMarket wins 48,000 Bitcoin in U.S. Marshall’s auction

The U.S. Marshal has just revealed that a company called SecondMarket has won the lion’s share of its second Bitcoin auction.

“Because SecondMarket has voluntarily come forward, we can confirm that it was the winner of 48,000 bitcoins, and the transfer of those Bitcoins was completed Monday,” Lynzey Donahue at the U.S. Marshal’s office said in an email.

Last week, investor Tim Draper announced that he had won 2,000 Bitcoin from this recent auction. The release came with little surprise; Over the summer Draper pulled in 30,000 Bitcoin from the U.S. Marshal’s first Bitcoin auction. The bid was made on behalf of his venture firm Draper Associates.

Second Market is a marketplace for buying and selling liquid assets, including private company stock; the company has recently taken an interest in Bitcoin.

We have reached out to SecondMarket for further comment, but the company has yet to respond to our request.

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