Friday , 24 May 2019
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Saving Money Was Never Easier With These 10 Mobile Apps – Motley Fool

Saving Money Was Never Easier With These 10 Mobile Apps – Motley Fool

Did you know you could actually earn money in stores instead
of just spending it? You can if you use Shopkick. 

When you install this free app, there are a huge list of
ways to get some extra cash just by tweaking your buying behavior a little bit.

With Shopkick, you earn points by visiting partner stores such as Home
or Best Buy; by scanning product barcodes; by purchasing eligible
products with linked credit cards; or by submitting receipts for qualifying
products you buy. You can also earn
points for visiting online stores, viewing products, watching videos, or buying
from participating online retailers.

To earn points, just open the app and select the tab to
“Find Kicks Waiting Nearby.” You’ll see what stores you can visit and get
rewarded for, and can also take advantage of special offers that show up

Points that you earn are called Kicks and you can redeem
them for gift cards for Amazon, Starbucks, and a huge selection of other
stores. You’ll see your earned Kicks in
your account summary and can redeem as soon as you’ve earned enough to buy a
gift card.

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