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Samsung Says Customer Data Safe Following Hack Attack

Samsung Says Customer Data Safe Following Hack Attack

Published on: 8th Oct 2015

Samsung says that its own mobile payments service remains safe following reports of a hack attempt on its US subsidiary.

The report, in the New York Times suggested that LoopPay, a Samsung subsidiary was subjected to a data breach back in March.

Samsung said that its customer data was not at risk, and that LoopPay’s system was totally isolated from its own SamsungPay platform.

According to the reports, LoopPay was broken into back in March, but the data breach not discovered until August. Chinese hackers, known as Codoso Group were blamed for the attack.

Samsung said its payment system “was not impacted and at no point was any personal payment information at risk”.

“The LoopPay incident was resolved and had nothing to do with Samsung Pay,” the firm said.

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