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Samsung interim UK and Ireland boss Rob Orr leaves

Samsung interim UK and Ireland boss Rob Orr leaves

Written by: Paul Withers

Posted on: 01 September 2014. Tags: Mobile News, Rob Orr, Samsung, Simon Stanford

Samsung interim UK and Ireland boss Rob Orr leaves

Sources claim he departed following a fallout with management in Korea having only lead the business on a temporary basis for two months 

Samsung UK and Ireland IT and mobile VP Rob Orr has reportedly left the company.

Sources claim Orr (pictured) was placed on sick leave last week amid speculation of a fallout with bosses in Korea.

He had only taken up the position in June on an interim basis following the departure of Simon Stanford, who had been at the manufacturer for five years.

Orr had joined Samsung as VP of European Enterprise Business in June 2013. He had spent seven years at BlackBerry and for the last 10 months there had headed up the manufacturer’s UK and Ireland operations.

Mobile News has contacted Samsung for comment and is awaiting a reply.

Prior to leaving, Stanford was said to be under increased scrutiny from the firm’s board of directors, amid reports of poorer than expected sales of the Galaxy S5 and concerns around targets and stock replacement.

There had also been claims of Samsung having to refund and collect large quantities of unsold stock from a number of its key reseller partners in the weeks before.

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