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Runtastic enters smartwatch market with Moment, a $130+ analog timepiece for fashionistas and fitness freaks

Runtastic enters smartwatch market with Moment, a $130+ analog timepiece for fashionistas and fitness freaks

Fresh from its $239 million acquisition by Adidas, mobile-focused fitness-tracking company Runtastic has launched its first official smartwatch.

Runtastic Moment Basic

Runtastic Moment Basic

Above: Runtastic Moment Basic

With the Runtastic Moment, Runtastic is attempting to bring an attractive watch to market that marries the needs of both fashionistas and fitness freaks.

The wearable comes in four flavors across two pricepoints, though there are 10 different variations when you factor in colors. All incarnations have stainless steel casing and scratch-resistant glass, and are either 37mm or 46mm in diameter.

The $130 Runtastic Moment Fun sports a silicon strap, and is available in four colors — raspberry, plum, sand and indigo. The equally priced Runtastic Moment Basic has a larger display, plus comes in two extra colors — beige and black.

Runtastic Moment Classic

Runtastic Moment Classic

Above: Runtastic Moment Classic

Then there’s the $180 Runtastic Moment Elite, which is designed with a “classier” look, and includes a black leather band. The Runtastic Moment Classic is also $180, but comes with a cleaner, more simple look, while offering three additional colors — silver, gold, and “rose gold.”

All versions of the watch have analog faces, but it can still track and display steps, distance, active minutes, calories burned, and sleep cycles. The main hands show minutes and hours, as with any watch, but the smaller dial shows 0-100% of progress, which can be whatever goal the user sets through the mobile app.

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There’s also a gamification element, whereby users can set and beat personal bests. Vibration alerts can also be set to action after periods of inactivity. And crucially, the devices are fully waterproof up to 300 feet, meaning this is aimed at everyone — from walkers and runners to swimmers and beyond.

Digging into the inner workings, the watch runs on a standard non-chargeable battery which supposedly lasts for “up to” six months.

Though Runtastic is better known for its RunKeeper-style GPS fitness tracking app, it offers a range of spin-off apps too, including ones for improving your sleep, working out at home, and building six-packs. Across all apps, the company has notched up 140 million downloads around the world, and claims 70 million registered users.

Runtastic Moment Fun

Runtastic Moment Fun

Above: Runtastic Moment Fun

Today’s news comes almost a month to the day since the Austria-based startup revealed it was ditching its independence and hooking up with one of the world’s biggest sports brands. Though the company maintains it will remain independent, both in spirit and physicality.

The timing of today’s launch is notable due to the proximity of the Adidas acquisition, though obviously Runtastic has been working on the timepiece for far longer than a month — so this can’t be classed as the first fruits of the multimillion dollar deal. It was happening long before Adidas came knocking on Runtastic’s door.

The Runtastic Moment is far from its first foray into hardware, it has offered fitness-tracking wristbands, scales, heart-rate monitors, GPS watches, and smartphone mounts for bikes for some time. Indeed, Runtastic launched its assault on the mainstream wearables market last July with the Orbit, a Fitbit-style wristband that connects up with a dedicated app (Runastic Me).

With the Runtastic Moment, the company is bring the concept of the Orbit into a more traditional timepiece that someone might actually want to wear on a day-to-day basis.

“What we saw at CES (Las Vegas consumer tech exhibition) in January, was more around 56 companies launching a wearable,” explained Runtastic CEO Florian Gschwandtner in an interview with VentureBeat. “This means the market is kind of flooded. Fitbit is doing a very good job in being the dominant player. Here in Europe we did quite well with the Orbit, but at the end fo the day, it all comes down to the same challenges with wearables — they don’t look super stylish, you have to charge them often, and ultimately people stop using them.”

Runtastic Moment Elite

Runtastic Moment Elite

Above: Runtastic Moment Elite

And it was this that heralded the launch of Runtastic Moment. Something that looks better, and something that combines technology and fashion. It’s a fully mechanical watch that uses Bluetooth LE (low energy) to connect the contraption with the Runtastic ecosystem.

It’s worth noting here that while the watch can also connect up with the main Runtastic running app, it probably isn’t aimed at serious runners. It can’t show multiple metrics at once, unlike when you connect the Runtastic app up to a Pebble smartwatch. The Pebble Moment feels like it’s more geared towards day-to-day activity tracking. “We’re eager to connect with individuals who prioritize ease of use with convenience and style,” says Gschwandtner.

Though you will need a mobile phone to sync up your data over the long-term, the watch itself stores 7-days worth of data, so you can wander freely for a week without access to your phone.

VentureBeat will be reviewing one of these devices, and will be putting the watch through its paces shortly. Meanwhile, the watch is on sale now through the Runtastic online shop, and will be hitting offline retailers “in the near future.”

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