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Rumours of leopards roaming the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve debunked – Highway Mail

Rumours of leopards roaming the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve debunked – Highway Mail

A VIDEO of a leopard attacking a dog in a private property in Nelspruit in 2014 has resurfaced on social media.

The video, which has since been deleted from the Upper Highway Info Facebook page has sparked rumours of the massive cats roaming the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve.

Some of the comments on the post alleged that there have been sightings of carcasses of the leopards’ prey hanging from trees.

Paolo Candotti, chairman of the Kloof Conservancy said the suggestion that leopards roam Krantzkloof Nature Reserve (Kloof Gorge) pops up every now and then and often casual or deliberate comments are made to continue to nurture this urban legend.

“While it can never be excluded that a stray animal could be moving through the area, it is highly unlikely given that natural corridors have been severely reduced as a result of urban development.”

“The last reliable sighting of a leopard in the Kloof area goes back to 1975.”

“A number of reports have filtered through over the years but they have never been backed up by any reliable evidence. Krantzkloof itself is not large enough to sustain a leopard population and there have been no recordings on any of the many camera traps used in the reserve over the years,” said Candotti.

He added that his committee were not aware of any confirmed spoor sightings, kills or carcasses that could be ascribed to a leopard.

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