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Roaming cattle still a danger to motorists – Zululand Observer

Roaming cattle still a danger to motorists – Zululand Observer

THE ongoing issue of stray cows on residential roads has once again come under the spotlight after a Richards Bay motorcyclist spent the last 10 days in ICU for injuries sustained when he hit a cow after dark.

Arnold van Eck was travelling on Kolstertkring in Meerensee on Friday, 13 April when he hit the black cow which was on the road.

He broke both his legs, both his wrists, lost teeth and almost lost his tongue in the accident.

He remains in hospital, but was transferred out of ICU yesterday (Wednesday).

According to Councillor Christo Botha, the issue of transporting stray cows to the eShowe livestock pound was an approved council item, and it was agreed that the municipality would purchase a vehicle to do so.

The cow was also injured and Midlands Pound, operating out of Howick but holding a contract with numerous pounds around the province, picked it up for treatment.

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‘The by-laws stating that cattle cannot roam freely in residential areas and on roads is there. The reality is that it is just not enforced,’ said Midlands Pound Master Bruce Mattison, who said Richards Bay is one of the worst areas for a lack of by-law enforcement of roaming cattle.

‘The only way this cow was going to survive its injuries was if it received the appropriate veterinary treatment, which we could provide only by taking it to Howick.

‘Once it is fully recovered, we will transport it back to Richards Bay and hand it over to its rightful owner.’

This accident is not the first of its kind, with a motorist having hit a cow in Meerensee about three months ago and another similar accident on the John Ross.

Cows remain a problem in Meerensee, with herds constantly on Kolstertkring and Krewelkring, also recently on Crayfish Creek and Anglers Rod.

While cow herders appear to be close to the herds during the day, the cows are left to their own devices after dark.

The City of uMhlathuze Communications Manager was contacted for comment, but none was forthcoming.


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