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PUBG Mobile zombie mode is here: 12 things that will ensure you win – Times of India

PUBG Mobile zombie mode is here: 12 things that will ensure you win – Times of India

PUBG Mobile zombie mode called ‘Zombie: Survive Till Dawn’ was launched yesterday with the new update and players are quite gung ho about checking it out. The zombie mode could be called classic PUBG with alternating day/night combined with more enemies in the form of zombies and bosses. The limited time mode is also much more intense where survival becomes somewhat tougher than in a classic PUBG Mobile match. Here are some tips and tricks to improve your chances of getting that chicken dinner in PUBG zombie mode:

  • Try not to shoot zombies in daytime unless they are close to you and are attacking. Zombies in the daytime are clumsy and have lesser health than that of the ones that spawn in the night. Also there are only one type of zombies found in the day. So don’t waste your ammo on them because surviving the day is a cakewalk compared to surviving the night.
  • Another tip to save ammo is to kill zombies in daytime with a melee weapon. Usually, during the day, you would be facing maximum one or two zombies at a time. So, if you are very particular about getting some zombie kills in the day, go on, and use a melee weapon to attack them. That way, you get to kill zombies too without wasting your ammo.
  • It takes a single shot from a shotgun to kill a zombie in close range. So, it you get a shotgun in the initial phase of the game (during daytime), do not ditch it immediately. Make some good use of it killing zombies while hunting for better guns.
  • Try to gather as much ammo as you can in the daytime for dealing with the zombie horde in the night. Stocking up ammo during the day is important because the same process becomes quite difficult in the night. Surviving the night should be the the most important part of overall strategy and for that, you should be loaded with ammo. Besides, the backpack capacity has been increased in the zombie mode. So, that means you can carry more.
  • In the night, try to make your stand against zombies in a space that is a bit wide and allows manoeuvrability. It could be a wide open grassy area or a wide terrace. A wide terrace is still a better option as all four of you can set your aim at the door that opens out at the terrace and as such, zombies will ,most of the time, not be able to overwhelm you with numbers.
  • It is not advisable to hide inside a house during night unless and until you and your teammates are loaded with ammo because the number of zombies can overwhelm you due to the cramped up space inside a house.
  • Taking on the bosses (called tyrants) is not necessary. A boss in zombie mode is like a loaded airdrop being staked out by a rival team in classic PUBG matches. As it becomes easier to get the rewards of level-3 weapons and armour from the airdrop after you kill the rival team, so do you get such gear after you kill the boss. So, tackle the boss only if you are hellbent on getting better guns and armour.
  • Never take on the boss without the support of your teammates. Bosses soak up a lot of bullets before they can be killed and they can outrun you in a jiffy if you are in close range. So, even if you happen to take on the boss, let all four of you engage him.
  • Always try to kill the Licker if possible. Though it is harder to kill the Licker than the average zombie, you can get difficult-to-find items after you kill it. After it dies, you may get guns like the M134, ammo, health kits etc all at once in a bunch.
  • Do not stray too far from your teammates. Everyone has limited ammo in the game which gets depleted at a faster rate than in a classic PUBG match. Unlike in a classic PUBG match, you cannot conserve the ammo till the end because of having to deal with the deadly attack of the zombie hordes in the night, with about 10-15 of zombies surrounding you.
  • If all your teammates get knocked out and/or are dead, and you are caught in the open by zombies in the night, try to run as far away as possible from them. Run in a haphazard way turning this side, then that randomly. You can even put your gun behind your back and then run. Do not engage even are tempted because if you get knocked out, you would surely die as there would be no one to revive you. Zombies don’t pursue you after some minutes if you outrun them. So, in such a situation, just running for your life will save you.
  • Use vehicles. Even when the map in zombie mode is smaller and the fuel capacity of vehicles lower than that in a classic PUBG Mobile map, try to use a jeep or car as they can also kill the minor zombies by hitting them.

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