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PUBG Mobile Season 5: What to expect – Gadgets Now

PUBG Mobile Season 5: What to expect – Gadgets Now

NEW DELHI: PUBG Mobile Season 4 ends today and the upcoming Season 5 will bring some new additions the game. A zombie mode is also being speculated to launch with the new season and a walking zombie was seen in PUBG Mobile recently. As per some Twitter and Reddit leaks, here is what players can expect from the new season.

Fire/Apocalypse theme, outfits, new weapon and vehicle skins and more

Vikendi snow map was introduced in PUBG Mobile in Season 4 and the new season is rumoured to come with a new theme again. As per some leaked images, this could be a fire or apocalypse-based theme. A fire pattern could be seen in some costumes and accessories too, that gives further power to the speculations.

As for the new outfits, there are some inspired from Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed and warriors from medieval Japan. The other outfits include a birthday cake suit, a full-gold body suit and a mix of others.

There might also be some new skins for weapons like gold skins for the AKM and UMP9, black and white dragon skin for the Kar98k sniper rifle, and others. Other leaked skins are for vehicles like an ice cream truck skin for the Volkswagen van and a Mad-Max inspired skin for the Dacia.

Along with new Royal Pass rewards, laser sight attachment and custom room option for Vikendi, a rumour doing the rounds is that players will be able to convert BP currency to UC.

The rumoured zombie mode would be the biggest addition in the game yet if it arrives. Tencent has been dropping hints regarding this in the form of dead bodies lying at the seashore and blood stains on the floor and walls of houses in Erangel Map.

The update is also speculated to replace Scar-L assault rifle with MK47 Mutant rifle along with a new death cam mode.

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