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PUBG Mobile Lite for budget phones is coming to India, currently under testing for Indian devices and networks

PUBG Mobile Lite for budget phones is coming to India, currently under testing for Indian devices and networks

Sameer Mitha

Published Date

10 – Aug – 2018

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10 – Aug – 2018

PUBG developer Tencent Games has launched a Lite version of PUBG  – PUBG Mobile Lite – on the Google Play Storefor budget smartphones which don’t pack in powerful hardware and have less RAM. The sad news is that as of now, PUBG Lite is available in the Philippines only. But there is hope for PUBG gamers in India. Mr. Aneesh Aravind, General Manager, Tencent Games India has said, "We are currently testing out the LITE version of PUBG Mobile and optimising it for Indian networks and devices, post successful testing we will release it in India in the near future." We have reached out to Tencent Games India to let us know the hardware requirement and the list of supported devices and we will update the story as soon as we get some information from them.

The Battle Royale gaming setup on smartphones has taken an interesting turn. PUBG finally has competition from Fortnite. Fortine was announced for Android along with the Galaxy Note 9. The game will be a Samsung exclusive till August 12 after which it will be available to devices that fulfil certain minimum system requirements. You can read about the compatible devices and hardware requirements here.

Another interesting piece of information is that PUBG Mobile Lite will be distributed through the Google Play store, where as Fortnite will not be there on the Google Play Store. Fortnite will be available through Epic Games' website where users will have to download the APK. If you are interested, you can register and receive instruction on how to download the game here. Samsung users will be able to download the game directly from the Samsung app store on the compatible Galaxy devices.

PUBG doesn’t support cross-play which means that when you are playing the game on your smartphone, you are competing with other smartphone gamers. Fortnite on the other hand supports cross-play which means that when you play the game on your smartphone, you are competing with gamers playing the game on the PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and iOS device. Because of cross-play, gamers on the smartphone may be at a disadvantage. If someone is playing on the PC, they will have the precision of the keyboard and mouse on their side. Also, network is an issue. Playing on 4G means you will have to deal with a higher ping rate, which in the world of gaming can be a bad thing.


Sameer MithaSameer Mitha

Sameer Mitha lives for gaming and technology is his muse. When he isn’t busy playing with gadgets or video games he delves into the world of fantasy novels.

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