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Popily launches a data visualization tool that’s as easy to use as three clicks - MVNO MVNE MNO Mobile & Telecoms industry intelligence
Saturday , 20 July 2019
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Popily launches a data visualization tool that’s as easy to use as three clicks

Popily launches a data visualization tool that’s as easy to use as three clicks

Businesses make decisions based off of data, but for some it can be difficult to interpret since they don’t know what to look for. Popily has a solution that’s launching today which it claims could change how we interact with data. Instead of looking at the numbers, the company is focusing more on the automated visualizations to provide a new vantage point.

“Data visualization is the new universal language for humans to talk about, share, and get value out of their data,” said Popily chief executive Jonathon Morgan.

A Techstars company, it wants to remove any anxiety you have about compiling data and understanding how to analyze it. Austin-based Popily seeks to eliminate all the middle work and instead just provide you with the necessary visualization so you can go about your day and build a better business. It’s targeting the workers who are feeling uncertain about where to even get started when handed a bunch of data points. The company also thinks it’ll resonate well with those who can’t afford bigger data analysis tools.


With just three clicks, Popily provides an intelligent tool for users to create data visualizations that they can easily understand. You start by importing your information through a CSV, database, or similar file. Then, its system will use machine learning to predict the data provided. Finally, charts and graphs will be provided for you to review. If any of these visualizations work, they can be saved, shared, or embedded anywhere, including on PowerPoint presentations, blog posts, and more.

The service is different from visualization offerings like Tableau, Chartio, Qlik, Datahero, Visual.ly, and Infogram in that you “have to know the story first and end up spending a bunch of time fiddling with knobs to get one chart that looks right.” In those cases, you have the data already processed and you want to make it look appealing, but with Popily, it’s going after when you may not have a clue about what exactly you want to analyze — just that you have data.


The company launched a private beta version of its service in August, with 600 sign-ups over an eight week period, with 100 companies interested. At that time, Popily had more of a social network feel where people could share their creations with others, similar to what you have on Slideshare. However, that’s since changed: “We started off thinking about data as another piece of content and Popily would be a content creation tool. However, we realized that privacy was important and people wanted to explore data on their own,” said cofounder Vidya Spandana. “We did get great traffic from it, but the real value is finding what’s interesting [from the data] and letting users control their own message.”

Users can upload structured information from CSV, JSON, Excel files, or connect their database right to their Popily account. It’ll automatically visualize the data so you can embed the chart anywhere on the web, save the image, establish permissions on where the chart is visible, and more. Morgan told VentureBeat that in the future, the company will add more chart types and streamline its process so “users need to understand less and less data before it goes into the system.”


If you’re interested in Popily, you can take advantage of one of two pricing plans. There’s a $9 monthly plan for those that have simple chart needs. The company also provides a $59 monthly plan aimed at advanced users who know how to connect to a database or can combine data sets together. However, if you sign up before 11:59 p.m. Pacific time on January 19, Popily is giving away free access for one year to everyone that registers.

Popily has not raised any outside funds with the exception of investments from Techstars.

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