Monday , 22 April 2019
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Plans to improve telecoms backed – Manx Radio

Plans to improve telecoms backed – Manx Radio

Plannyn dy hareaghey chellinsh coardit

Aghtyn dy lhiassaghey boandey lhean as 5G goll er toiggal myr lane-femoil

Ta plannyn dy hareaghey dy dramadagh bun-troggalys chellinsh Ellan Vannin er ve coardit ec yn ard whaiyl.

Va'n Strateysh Ashoonagh Chellinsh coardit lesh un aigney liorish Tinvaal fastyr beg Jemayrt.

T'eh goaill stiagh plannyn son cur er bun 5G, as aght mooar dy lhiassaghey cur stiagh boandey lhean.

Ayns creear dy vieauidyn er mean son jeelaadey ta Ellan Vannin ec y traa t'ayn 'sy 62ah ynnyd, as ta bunnys tree keayrtyn yn traa ceaut er jeealaadey 5GB dy ghata ayns shoh na ta ry cheau ayns Jersey ta 'sy jeihoo ynnyd, as bunnys shey keayrtyn yn traa ta ry cheau ayns Singapore ta 'sy chied ynnyd. 

Ren yn Shirveishagh Gastid Dellal Laurence Skelly cur roish y treealtys.

AS LAURENCE SKELLY : Bee feme ain er leeideil veih'n toshiaght lesh strateysh cleeir. Ta feme ain er reilleyderyn noa-emshiragh pooaral. Ta feme ain er jannoo reen y clane Ellan lesh cummys bieau frauaigagh as plan ashoonagh son boandey lhean. Ta feme ain er aght dy lhiassaghey ny coorseyn frauaigagh ain veih'n Ellan. Ta feme ain er jannoo shickyr dy vel nyn bolasee plannal cummal seose y bun-troggalys noa shoh. As ta feme ain er jannoo shickyr dy vel y Reiltys hene gobbraghey 'sy vargey, as dy vel eh jannoo shen dy baghtal as dy fondagh.

Broadband and 5G upgrades seen as key 

Plans to dramatically improve the Isle of Man's telecoms infrastructure have received parliamentary backing.

The new National Telecommunications Strategy was unanimously approved by Tynwald last Tuesday night.

It includes plans for the introduction of 5G, and a big upgrade on broadband provision. 

In a table of mean download speeds the Isle of Man currently ranks 62nd, with it taking almost three times as long to download 5GB of data here than it does in tenth-ranked Jersey, and almost six times longer than it does in top-ranked Singapore.

Enterprise Minister Laurence Skelly moved the motion.

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