Wednesday , 24 July 2019
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Operator roaming revenues under pressure as RLAH spreads – study

Operator roaming revenues under pressure as RLAH spreads – study

Operator revenues from international mobile roaming are expected to recover slightly, following a decline in 2017 after the introduction of RLAH (Roam Like at Home) in Europe and other markets, Juniper Research predicts. However, overall roaming revenues are expected to stay flat over the next four years, representing around 6 percent of total operator billed revenues and USD 51 billion in value.

Roaming revenues are expected to come under pressure from more countries adopting RLAH, including many of the EU’s neighbours and parts of Africa and North America, the market researcher said in a new whitepaper.

At the same time, traffic and especially data roaming is growing, thanks to RLAH and cheaper bundles. In 2017, Juniper estimates that data traffic grew by 200 percent globally and by 260 percent in West Europe. This is helped by more use of roaming, as fewer people turn off the service when abroad. Juniper estimated that the proportion of silent roamers not using any data roaming services in 2018 accounted for 51 percent of total data roamers globally, down from 72 percent in 2013.

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