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O2 to begin halving bills for 1.5m UK Refresh customers

O2 to begin halving bills for 1.5m UK Refresh customers

Written by: James Pearce

Posted on: 11 March 2015. Tags: Mobile News, Nina Bibby, O2, O2 Refresh

O2 to begin halving bills for 1.5m UK Refresh customers

Operator will automatically cut cost of phone from Refresh customers two-years after launch of tariff

O2 will begin halving the bills of 1.5 million customers who have been on its Refresh tariff for two years since it first launched.

The operator said customers who signed up for Refresh – which launched in April 2013 and sees the monthly cost broken up in to the cost of the tariff plus the cost of the handset as opposed to one whole charge – will see the cost of their handset dropped from their monthly charge once they have passed the 24 month mark.

O2 said this will save Refresh customers an average of £18 per month if they choose not to upgrade their handset, or £216 per year.

“It’s been two years since we disrupted the market with O2 Refresh and we’re proud to be halving the bills of up to 1.5 million O2 customers over the coming year,” said O2 marketing and consumer director Nina Bibby.

“We believe customers shouldn’t have to continue to pay for a phone they’ve already paid off, which is why O2 Refresh gives them complete transparency and control over their monthly bill. A cash savvy student will love the option to halve their bill, whereas a gadget lover is much more likely to enjoy the opportunity to upgrade their phone without having to pay any additional fees to end their contract.”

O2 says that the second anniversary of Refresh could see a potential £324 million worth of savings for customers, if all 1.5 million Refresh-users choose not to upgrade.

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