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Nearly Third of Canadian Mobile Phone Users Phone a Friend While Shopping

Nearly Third of Canadian Mobile Phone Users Phone a Friend While Shopping

Compared to their global counterparts, Canadian shoppers in “brick and mortar” stores are using their mobile phones less for comparing prices and more for other forms of purchase validation.

GfK asked mobile phone users in 23 countries what activities they regularly do on their mobile phones while they are inside a store. The leading behaviors globally are comparing prices and contacting a friend or family member for advice – both cited by 40% of respondents. The third most common behavior globally was taking pictures of products that respondents might buy (36%).

In Canada, getting in touch with a trusted person and taking pictures of products they might buy were more common (31%) among mobile phone users than comparing prices (23%). On a global comparison, Canada was reported as #14 for contacting friends and family, #12 for taking pictures, and #19 for comparing prices.

Half of global shoppers ages 20 to 29 compare prices online while inside a store

Globally, men are more likely than women (42% of men versus 37% of women) to use their mobile phones in-store to compare prices on a regular basis. Among key age groups, young adults (ages 20 to 29) check prices online most frequently, with half (49%) reporting this behaviour.

In Canada, men and women were almost evenly split (24% of men, 22%,of women respectively) when it comes to comparing prices in-store; and young adult shoppers (ages 20 to 29) were by far the most likely to report this behavior, at 39%. The 30-to-39 age segment was second in Canada, at 34%.

Looking at other countries, shoppers in South Korea, China, and Turkey are the most likely to compare prices in-store on their mobile phones, with 59%, 54% and 53%, respectively, saying they regularly do this.

Contacting friend or family for advice is equally important to men and women

Globally, men and women are almost equally likely to use their mobile phones inside a store to contact a friend or family member for advice (40% of women and 39% of men say they regularly do this). Among the age groups. young adults (ages 20 to 29) lead in this particular activity (48%), while teens (ages 15 to 19) follow closely (47%), and those ages 30 to 39 trail at 40 percent.

Canadian women are slightly more likely (35% of women versus 28% of men) to say they reach out to trusted people in their lives while shopping in stores. A remarkable 45% of young adults (ages 20-29) reported this activity, compared to 40% of teens (ages 15-19), and 41% of those ages 30 to 39.

Other commonly cited in-store activities among Canadian mobile phone users were:

  • Taking pictures of actual products they might buy (31%)
  • Taking pictures of advertisements, descriptions and other information about products (21%)
  • Scanning bar codes or QR codes (13%)
  • Buying products through an “app” on their mobile devices (9%)
  • Buying products through the store’s or another website (9%)

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