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Native mobile communication is how we’re going to solve mobile’s biggest issues

Native mobile communication is how we’re going to solve mobile’s biggest issues



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According to Adam Foroughi, co-founder and CEO of the mobile analytics and marketing company AppLovin, the biggest challenge facing customers today is that the mobile world is so fragmented. And that goes as much for the end consumer as for mobile businesses.

“Mobile is so messy,” he says in his interview with VB at last month’s Mobile Summit. “Consumers have a really tough time finding content. When you look at the app store, there are millions at this point [so] it’s hard for a consumer to find the app that solves the problem that they have.”

“And brands invest in content,[but] no one’s using their app, [or] people uninstall their app.” Brands learn quickly that getting their app on a device — and getting it used — is a pretty steep challenge.

The key to success, Foroughi says, is leveraging mobile native communication. “Companies that are really doing a great job of mobile are the mobile-first companies… Uber, Lyft… these companies have really tapped into things like mobile communication through push messages and location services and maps.” All this adds up to creating a seamless experience, one that answers those real-world consumer problems.

Watch our whole interview with Foroughi below:

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