Monday , 18 February 2019
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Musician ignores legal threats from Sony and continues tweeting hacked emails

Musician ignores legal threats from Sony and continues tweeting hacked emails

Val Broeksmit of Bikini Robot Army

Val Broeksmit of Bikini Robot Army

Above: Val Broeksmit of Bikini Robot Army

Image Credit: Val Broeksmit

Either musician Val Broeksmit is extremely courageous, or extremely foolish.

Last week, Broeksmit gained global attention following news reports that Sony had threatened to sue him because he was tweeting pictures of emails released by hackers. Initially freaked out, Broeksmit remained calmed and instead decided to keep tweeting from his @BikiniRobotArmy account.

Over the past week, Broeksmit has posted a steady barrage of pictures of leaked emails that contain a mix of interesting Hollywood insider gossip (Sony executives hated the most recent Superman movie; Cameron Crowe might want to direct the Steve Jobs biopic) to emails that are just plain embarrassing.

In an interview last week, Broeksmit said he wasn’t sure how seriously to take Sony’s threat. In an email this week, he said he hadn’t heard anything more from Sony over the holidays since he received a notification that Sony was considering legal action if he didn’t stop tweeting.

So far, Broeksmit said the only fallout was that Twitter removed one tweet related to a James Bond script because it may have violated copy write laws.

Meanwhile, since news of the Sony legal threat broke, Broeksmit has seen his followers in Twitter jump from 17,763 to 22,154. Another case, perhaps, of Sony tactics by bringing more attention to someone doing something they don’t want others to see.

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