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MTN-Irancell Granted 4G License

MTN-Irancell Granted 4G License

Published on: 31st Aug 2015

MTN Irancell says that it has been awarded a LTE license by the government.

Irancell has already had the option to provide WiMAX services in 6 provinces in Iran, but says that it is now able to provide fixed wireless broadband services.

Mr. Alireza Ghalambor Dezfouli, Irancell CEO, during this event stated: Irancell received 3G/LTE License Agreement 365 days ago and managed to launch 6 thousand 3G/LTE BTSs over the past year.

On an average, Irancell has launched 16 3G/LTE BTSs per day during the said one-year period, according to Mr. Dezfouli.

Making mention of 23 million data services subscribers and 23 million smart devices in Irancell network, he said: At present, we have 12.5 million 3G/LTE data services subscribers, 0.5 million WiMAX subscribers and the rest of our subscribers are using 2G data services of Irancell.

Irancell CEO added: Having the mobile phone technology upgraded in Irancell network, the data usage of the subscribers has increased to 300 terabyte.

He further added: While the WiMAX technology is in the verge of extinction in the world, we have applied for receiving national WiMAX License to provide various services with no limitation of technology.

The company also confirmed that it is ready to launch Mobile Number Portability, and expects the country to offer the facility early next year.

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