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Microsoft arrives at MWC without Nokia

Microsoft arrives at MWC without Nokia

Written by: Paul Withers

Posted on: 27 February 2015. Tags: Microsoft Mobile Devices, Mobile News, Mobile World Congress, MWC, Nokia, Windows 10

Microsoft arrives at MWC without Nokia

Mystery surrounds technology giant’s plans for the show, with a slim chance it could announce a new flagship device

Despite calling a press conference for March 2, nobody seems to quite know what the manufacturer will unveil, if anything at all.

It will be the company’s first time at MWC without the Nokia name following the US technology giant’s £4.5 billion acquisition of the Finnish manufacturer’s devices business last May.

In November, we saw Microsoft ditch the Nokia branding on the handsets and release the first under the Microsoft name in the form of the Lumia 535, and this trend could continue at MWC with the possible launch of a flagship device to follow the Lumia 930 in July.

However, Microsoft may use its press conference to discuss details and maybe even the launch of Windows 10 on its devices. On January 22, it announced it was replacing its Windows Phone OS with a tailored version of Windows 10 and that at some point this year, all Windows Phone devices will be given the new software.

It also confirmed it will launch a new flagship smartphone to accompany the updated OS, but only went on to say it would arrive “later this year.”
MWC? That remains to be seen.

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