Monday , 20 May 2019
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LTE: Thumbs up for leaving Syria – The Intelligencer

LTE: Thumbs up for leaving Syria – The Intelligencer

President Trump’s stated decision to remove American troops out of Syria, if it happens, may be one of the more sensible things he has done. Because, one, we are illegally occupying land belonging to a fellow U.N. member country; and two, ISIS has been so severely weakened that Syria and its allied forces can deal with the ISIS remnants adequately.

We are told by the talking heads on cable news that our troops must stay to help remove Bashar al-Assad from power because he is a brutal dictator. If the U.S. needs to overthrow brutal dictators, it would be more effective in terms of attaining our national goals to invade Honduras, as their totalitarian government is triggering migration to our country because citizens of that country are under attack if they oppose government policies.

Andrew Mills

Lower Gwynedd

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