Tuesday , 26 March 2019
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LG introduces smart home sensor, AllJoyn appliances

LG introduces smart home sensor, AllJoyn appliances

LG Electronics announced the SmartThinQ Sensor at the Ifa show in Berlin, a sensor that can be attached to home appliances to make them “smart-aware”. In addition, LG will unveil the Smart Lightwave Oven and Smart Air Conditioner compatible with the AllJoyn platform for the internet of things. 

The SmartThinQ Sensor is a circular device that can be attached to existing home appliances such as washing machines or refrigerators, to sense feedback such as vibration and temperature and communicate those readings to the SmartThinQ app on users’ smartphones. For example, attaching the sensor to a washing machine door can inform the user when the laundry cycle is complete. Attach the SmartThingQ Sensor to a refrigerator and it will send a notification to a connected smartphone when a particular food item is about to expire. The sensor will also keep track of how many times the door is opened even when not home. Connecting the SmartThingQ Sensor to an air conditioner or other appliances will allow users to control the appliances remotely through the SmartThinQ app.

The AllJoyn compatible Smart Lightwave Oven from LG allows users to download, update and share recipes with friends and relatives via their mobile devices. The Smart Lightwave Oven is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing homeowners to use their smartphones to set the cooking mode, temperature and cooking time for a given dish. The Smart Lightwave Oven can even perform self-diagnosis and help find solutions and repair information online through an LG service centre. LG’s Smart Air Conditioner informs owners when to replace the air filter and can be controlled remotely from a smartphone. 

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