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Instagram - Layout side by side

After what must feel like a lifetime of waiting for the swathes of religiously dedicated Instagram fans, the company has finally released its first photo collage app: Layout.

As a fully-fleshed app users will be able to download it and operate it outside of Instagram, with the option to share their creations to Instagram (and other social networks) with one tap.

The app allows you to select photos from your device’s camera roll and apply any of a huge number of effects and layouts to them.

As you may have expected it’s extremely intuitive to use, with the app actually asking you to select the images you want to collage and presenting you with various layout options as you go. You can select up to nine images for each individual collage.

A rather neat feature is a ‘Faces’ filter option presented to you whilst scrolling through your images. Tap this button and Layout will only show you photos on your camera roll that contain, you guessed it, faces. This way you won’t have to scroll through hundreds of images of meals and cats before finding the one you’re looking for.

Once inserted into their layout, you can then manipulate the images to taste – panning, cropping, rotating and all that jazz. Special effects and filters (of course) are also present.

Layout is currently only available on iOS but an Android version will be available soon. It may not be the boldest of statements, but we predict it to do well.


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