Sunday , 20 January 2019
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KPN tests tri-band LTE carrier aggregation

KPN tests tri-band LTE carrier aggregation

KPN announced the implementation of tri-band carrier aggregation on its mobile network. The operator is the first in the Netherlands and only the third in the world to use the technique. KPN was already using the 800 and 1,800 MHz bands on its 4G network and recently tested a third band, 2.6GHz, with Ericsson and Qualcomm in the area around Delft. With the three frequency bands, the company raised the speed of the LTE network to 297 Mbps, four times more than usual speeds over 4G. KPN said the technology provides a substantial boost to capacity and bandwidth, supporting services such as voice and video over LTE. KPN plans to roll out tri-band CA in areas with high 4G usage and congestion affecting download speeds.

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