Friday , 22 March 2019
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Jio’s 4G speeds suffer due to the capacity problem: Opensignal

Jio’s 4G speeds suffer due to the capacity problem: Opensignal a
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According to a new report by London-based market research firm Opensignal, throughout the summer of 2017, the overall speeds for Airtel, Idea, and Vodafone were steady, but in September their overall download starts rising.

The company has tracked the overall download speeds of India’s four major 4G providers over the 10 three-month periods.

It said as more customers had access to faster LTE connections more often, overall speeds for Airtel, Idea, and Vodafone increased accordingly.

We saw the most dramatic improvement in overall speed in Airtel’s and Idea’s scores, both jumping by almost a megabit between May 2017 and February 2018, the research firm said. Adding to that as a result, Airtel climbed into the lead in our overall speed metric in December, passing Jio, while Idea pulled itself even with Vodafone in the same timeframe.

While talking about Jio, the research firm said that Jio’s overall speed score depends solely on the download speeds of its 4G connections but there’s no lack of such connections in India as the users were able to find an LTE signal more than 96 percent of the time.

The firm also pointed out that Jio’s 4G speeds suffer due to capacity problems, its overall speeds suffer as well.

However, in Jio’s case, the result shows a big spike in overall download speeds in May, June, and July of last year, pushing it past Airtel.

“That speed boost most likely represents network upgrades that boosted capacity on Jio’s LTE network. Once that new capacity was in place, Jio’s overall speeds began to level off in our measurements and then gradually drop throughout the rest of the year as customers began consuming that new bandwidth,” Opensignal added.

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