Tuesday , 23 April 2019
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It's time to treat our phones with respect

It's time to treat our phones with respect

Americans needs to show their devices a little more love.

Mobile phones are a constant presence in our lives today – from binge-watching TV shows, capturing photos and videos, to connecting with family and friends around the globe. With all that they do, you’d think that we would treat our phones with respect, right? Not so fast.

According to Verizon’s recent survey, over half of Americans (54 percent) drop their mobile phones at least once a week! And, adults with kids? Forget about it. Phone owners with children are more likely to break or lose their mobile phone (67 percent) than phone owners without children (38 percent).

More than that, our phones suffer some of the roughest treatment imaginable – from being sent through the wash (42 percent) to becoming Fido’s favorite chew toy (20 percent).

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