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iOS App Store minimum price increased to 79p

iOS App Store minimum price increased to 79p

by Jon Mundy 08 January 2015 |


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Apple has announced that it will be increasing the price of apps  in a number of territories, including the whole of the EU.

The company recently sent out an email to iOS developers notifying them of imminent changes to pricing in several areas.

It claims that “Within the next 36 hours, prices on the App Store will increase for all territories in the European Union.”

Canada and Norway will also see price increases, while Iceland will actually experience a decrease. Intriguingly, the note claims that Russian pricing will simply “change,” which sounds ominous in a country that’s experienced massive financial woes just recently.

Last month, with the value of the Ruble tumbling, Apple was forced to put a hold on online hardware sales in Russia. When sales resumed, there were price hikes of up to 35 percent.

Apple attributes all of these latest changes to adjustments in VAT rates and foreign exchange rates.

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Back in the EU, Apple recently announced that it would be changing its approach to adjust pricing according to each individual country’s VAT rate. Up to now, the company has charged a flat rate across the territory. These changes will also be implemented this week.

All of which means that come next week, we in the European Union will have a pricier, more jumbled App Store on our hands. At least we can now also ‘return’ our unwanted apps within 14 days for a full refund.

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