Wednesday , 22 May 2019
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iOS 8 is now on more than half of Apple’s mobile devices

iOS 8 is now on more than half of Apple’s mobile devices

Apple today updated its iOS adoption numbers, showing that iOS 8 has finally passed the 50 percent mark. We say “finally” because the latest version of the company’s mobile operating system has had a notably slower adoption rate compared to its predecessors.

Between October 13 and October 27, iOS 8 share increased from 48 percent to 52 percent. In the same period, iOS 7 fell 4 percentage points to 43 percent, and the remaining iOS versions remained flat (we think the 1 percentage point difference is a rounding error). These figures come from the usage of the company’s App Store, presented on the support page for developers:


The slower adoption rate of iOS 8 compared to the same time period for iOS 7 and iOS 6 was first noticed by third-party tracking sites (most of which rely on ad impressions). The trend was then confirmed by Apple earlier this month when iOS 8 gained only 1 percentage point less than a month after its release.

More to follow.

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