Friday , 13 December 2019
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Intel introduces Curie wearables modules

Intel introduces Curie wearables modules

Intel announced further expansion in the wearables market at CES in Las Vegas. Oakley will be the first brand to work with Intel under the company’s previously announced cooperation with eyewear maker Luxottica. Oakly CEO Colin Baden said at a presentation that the companies are working on an “intelligent product”, available later this year, designed to enhance athletes’ performance. 

Intel also disclosed plans for the Intel Curie module, a tiny hardware product based on the company’s first purpose-built system-on-chip for wearable devices. The module is scheduled to ship in the second half of this year and includes the Intel Quark SE SoC, Bluetooth low-energy radio, sensors and battery charging. 

Intel also highlighted Nixie, the winner of the company’s “Make it Wearable” challenge. Nixie is a camera that rests on the user’s wrist like a bracelet. It can unfold and take flight on cue to take photos. Intel will sponsor the “Make it Wearable” challenge again later this year.

In addition, Intel announced plans to increase the representation of women and minorities in the company’s workforce. The company’s hiring and retention goal will be to for the percentage of women and under-represented minorities at Intel to mirror the US population by 2020, including more balanced representation in senior leadership positions. Intel will invest USD 300 million to help build a pipeline of female and under-represented engineers and computer scientists; to actively support hiring and retaining more women and under-represented minorities; and to fund programs to support more positive representation within the technology and gaming industries.

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