Sunday , 16 June 2019
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Instagram now has more users than Twitter

Instagram now has more users than Twitter

Instagram has just revealed it now boasts a bigger monthly user-base than its social media rival Twitter.

Kevin Systrom, Instagram’s CEO, told the BBC that monthly actives users of the service now total upwards of 300 million.

That trumps Twitter, which claims to have a formidable, but slightly more meagre, 284 million monthly users.

Instagram has seen huge growth since its 2010 launch, being acquired by Facebook in 2012, and touting a far less impressive 100 million monthly active users only last year.

Systrom talked up the photo-sharing platform as ‘exciting’, promising it would ‘continue to grow’, with the potential to ‘change the world.’

“Instagram is about seeing a live pulse of the world right now,” said the CEO. “It’s not just about taking a photo of a cute baby or a cute dog.”

He added: “You’re literally getting a view of what’s happening in the world right now.”

The firm also revealed it would be adding a verified accounts system, similar to the blue ticks used by Twitter and Facebook.

“We want to be all about authentic users and you making sure that you know you’re following real people not bots, not spam accounts, not fake accounts,” explained Systrom.

The CEO also hinted that an events-based feature could be coming to Instagram in the near future, sort of like Snapchat’s event stories.

“What we need to do is figure out how take the fact that everyone’s contributing in the world and broadcast that more globally,” he said.

“If you’re interested in what’s happening at the World Cup, you can peer in, see the football players and see what they’re thinking and doing before they go onto the field.”

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