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Huge Gamble: LinkedIn Acquires for US$ 1.5 Billion!

Huge Gamble: LinkedIn Acquires for US$ 1.5 Billion!

Spreading the wings of its dominance and prominence in the web market, LinkedIn is up with a dynamic decision to acquire the most promising education site for $1.5 billion.

As a professional network site, LinkedIn has already set a benchmark in the market, and now with this latest progression, it is ready to rock the world in the most promising way. For the social media world, it is by far the fourth largest acquisition deal that is taking place in the recent times- and undeniably, the first for the educational industry!

What you need to know about!

When it comes to online learning, is the first name that reminds us of a dedicated service for learning a business, software, technology and creative endeavors to enhance personal cum professional skills. works as a credible resource of instructional videos and tutorials for online learning on dynamic subjects like HTML, CSS, Photoshop, corporate and academics.

As a rich resource of e-learning, stands tall in the heights of success and quality performance. The platform derives its origin way back in 1995, when Lynda Weinman and her husband Bruce Heavin came up with the idea of an online training software training website called

The Acquisition Details: Union of two powers!

 Acquisition Worth  $1.5 Billion in total.

The deal combines 52% cash payment and the rest 48 %through stock.

 What about the workforce?  LinkedIn has also acquired the employees, who will be joining LinkedIn office as a part of the acquisition deal.
 The subscription charges of  Range in-between $250 to $375 per annum.
 Social Media Impact  About 367 million social network users from both the platforms.
 3 Step path to successful ROI  1.     Integrating Lynda to LinkedIn profile.

2.     Targeting users with specific trainings.

3.     Integrating career prediction module.

What LinkedIn earns  About 6,300 video courses, 268,000 and more tutorials.

Content available in diverse languages like German, French, Spanish, etc.

 What LinkedIn has  Situation in Silicon Valley City and available in more than 210 countries, LinkedIn’s net worth is about $7.5 Billion,

LinkedIn has plans with this acquisition

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner shared the idea behind this deal through a blog post. He said that the acquisition caters to the need of connecting job seekers with jobs and also, by directly helping them with credible knowledge related to the industry.

“’s courses make it possible for anybody to easily and effectively acquire a skill needed to get their first job, get a promotion, land a business deal or advance their career…we want to empower people so that they can develop quality skills in their professional front” added Weiner.

LinkedIn CEO Jeff

LinkedIn CEO Jeff

According to Lynda Weinman, the CEO of, The union of these two powers is the ‘perfect cultural fit’ that will help the world in lowering the gap between user skill-base and the required need.

As per Ryan Rolanksy, the Content Product Head for LinkedIn, the deal marks an excellent future for job seekers, as it will help their understanding of skills required for a particular post. In case the users don’t have the required skills, they can easy choose a reliable course through

Mobilemag.Com Insight

While LinkedIn was a bit skeptical about sharing the exact reason behind the acquisition, it is certain that the deal will help online users in assessing their needs on a common platform. The deal will amazingly encourage the hiring business of LinkedIn, which is already the undisputed king of professional connections.

If LinkedIn wants to establish the dominance in the international market like China, then it has to take such steps for strengthening the depth of service. We can see how LinkedIn launched its Chinese language version last year! The attempt was direct and simple- it was to trigger the enormous market in China.

On the other hand, California based was established in 1995. Since then, the platform has shared a credible online space for e-learning and technical understanding. LinkedIn has indeed evaluated the exact worth of, before finalizing this deal.

By no mean, LinkedIn can imagine the dominance single-handedly. The acquisition is just to take a giant step taken in order to accept a market that is rigid with censorship metrics.

Can LinkedIn find a better way to expand its services directly to schools, businesses and government that are currently using as a learning platform?

Without this acquisition deal, they can’t even IMAGINE the straight conversion!

How this acquisition will help LinkedIn?

It is by far the best way to engage more users, LinkedIn wanted to get diverse and more robust with the help of an e learning portal and the plan is quite evident now. Currently, LinkedIn is running successfully with about 347 million users on the site. Though the number of users sounds good, yet the engagement quotient and daily visits to the website are quite low compared to other big social media platforms like facebook, twitter, etc

As per many reports, here are some metrics that you should look for:

 LinkedIn  In Canada, only 6% LinkedIn users visit the site on a day.
 Facebook  About 47-50 % users visit Facebook daily.
 Twitter  Twitter shares a 23% base on the daily basis.
 Instagram  A whopping 27% share.

Final Thoughts

As far as the data is concerned, the results for LinkedIn are quite disturbing! A 6% daily engagement is not what this giant social platform is looking for, and thus, the acquisition is a fair deal for making a prominent mark in the eyes of users. Needless to say, this acquisition is beneficial for both users and recruiters on the site.

The attempt of redefining the face of professional opportunities and skills through this effort is quite visible in the deal. Undoubtedly, it will help all LinkedIn users for understanding and brushing their professional skills.

Let’s wait and see when LinkedIn reveals the exact strategy and plan of action behind this acquisition, hopefully it will bring more engagement and create new opportunities of learning for their users who are pure professionals and expect nothing but the best. LinkedIn is being watched by the world, it’s their moment for the taking.



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