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HTC One M9 Video Review: Amazing but is it Innovative?

HTC One M9 Video Review: Amazing but is it Innovative?

HTC’s latest presentation ‘One M9’ is out and yes it is amazing! In any sense, it is better than its predecessor HTC One M8- as you can call it more stylish, more concrete and more intelligent. HTC One M9 comes in an all solid aluminum body, having a wide 1080p screen of 5 inch and power packed speakers located below and above the screen. Though it seems like a perfect device with all new amazing features but HTC One M9 is indeed missing something- the word is ‘Innovation’!

Particularly, what we like about HTC One M9 is that it is ‘complete’ in itself. From craftsmanship, quality to designing, everything is flawless and perfect in HTC One M9. The version M9 comprises of all the fine quality traits of M8, and even adds the superior dose of refined camera touch in the later device. With M9, you can see that HTC has resolved the major issue of ‘slippery device’ that was once quite prominent in the earlier versions of HTC smartphones. Efficiency in software, quality in the sound system, beauty in designing, comfort in the touch, and sharpness in screen- HTC One M9 is everything you would like to have in your personal Smartphone.



How HTC One M9 is better and brighter than HTC One M8?

Answer, in more ways than one. HTC One M9 relocates the power button in a comfortable spot. With M9, the power button falls in the array of ‘volume’ buttons (but then it can easily confuse the user with the selection between volume and power buttons). M9 redefines the ‘touch’ functionality in a subtle manner- it is less slippery than the previous device, which was supposedly the biggest flaw of HTC One M8.  With M9, HTC has made the device a slight shorter and thicker for marking a noticeable difference.

The worst problem with M8 was related to an uninspiring camera! The resolution was really low, and by any mean, it couldn’t stand the test of time in comparison with Apple or Samsung. HTC One M9 brings a fresh take on the camera related issues. It comes with a high resolution 20- megapixel sensor and has eliminated the role of the secondary sensor.

Let’s Get You The Details That Matter: What HTC One M9 is all about!

 HTC One M9  Screen Size 5- Inch with 1080p display. The screen delivers a whopping 441 pixels per inch (PPI).
 What’s new with HTC One M9  ·        The location of speakers i.e. front facing.·        Redefinition of the ‘colors’ on the screen- more bright and accurate.

·        Large battery consistency.

·        A new widget on the home screen that gives location-based app suggestions and indications.

·        Updating theming ability- ease in changing the wallpaper, apps, icon, font, and sound.

·        Offers dynamic ‘theme packs’ that a user can download.

·        No secondary Camera sensory.

·        For the first time, HTC One M9 comes with a contrast- color band. The color of the band depends on the base color of the handset.

 Processor  New flagship Snapdragon 810 presented by Qualcomm. Octa-Core CPU (4*2 GHz + 4*1.5 GHz chips).
 RAM  3GB for making it efficient in the terms of speed.
 Software  Sense 7- offering ease in responsiveness and swiftness. Visually, quite similar to the M8 features and experience.With HTC One M9, a user can customize the appearance and sound effects of the system with the help of this software.
 Camera  ·        Rear Camera- 20.7 MP and Front Camera 4UP.·        High resolution and 20 megapixel sensor.

·        Front camera with Ultra Pixel.

·        Awesome for low light selfies.

 Body  HTC One M9 comes in sleek aluminum metal chassis with scratch resistance coating in the rear ends.
 Weight  157 grams (3 gram lighter in comparison to M8).
 HTC One M9 and Storage  32 GB onboard storage that can also be supported by 128 GB micro SD cards).
 Battery features  HTC One M9 serves 2840 mAh battery.According to HTC, the battery can last up to 400 hours on standby and can also serve 20 hours of talk time (when connected with a 3G network).



Where is the lack of ‘innovation’ in HTC One M9?

What if we told you that HTC One M9 looks like a mirror image of M8? May be better than the previous versions of HTC’s, yet when it comes to the ‘newness’ factor, we cannot say that M9 has something fantastic to offer. In the midst of several new smartphones, HTC One M9 is just another phone that has just cleaned up their previous version and promises similar benefits as before. Let’s take a look at some of these issues in more detail:

  • Location-based Widget functionality: HTC One M9 came up with the ‘predictable’ home screen widget that informs a user about ‘preferable’ location based apps. For instance, while a user is traveling, the device will suggest apps that are related to maps and music. In case the user is in the office, the device will automatically suggest email and calendar apps on the hit list. Though the idea is not unique (as HTC has not launched this concept), yet we can call it a useful theory.  But the main problem with HTC One M9 is in the execution of this concept- it isn’t really convincing and compelling. Through this widget, HTC might take a long time in analyzing the behavior and habits of its users.
  • Camera Issues: There is no denying the fact, HTC One M9 is indeed better than M8 in the terms of Camera quality and resolution. But can we call it the best thing out in the market? NO…we cannot! M9 counters the poor pixel count of M8, but the detailing in pictures is still a prominent issue. The unpleasant low light pictures, color roughness and presence of noise are quite visible in the quality of images. One should not ignore the fact that the camera software is not only great but also fast and easy to use. Verdict:

HTC One M9 is undoubtedly better than its predecessor, but the fact that we cannot afford to compare it with the other brands like Apple or Samsung is certain. The designing is beautiful, the screen is amazing, the sound is soothing and the performance is compatible with speed. Our only concern is related to the lack of ‘innovation’ and passive competitive approach. Is HTC ignoring the big giants of Smartphone industry? Can we compare Samsung S6 and HTC One M9- is it lying on the same scale? It seems like HTC are competing with themselves rather than anybody else- is it acceptable, will this approach sustain them in the industry and can they afford to ignore the innovations Samsung and Apple continue to push for any longer?

What do you guys think? Does the HTC one M9 stand out for you? Share your comments with us.

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