Thursday , 21 February 2019
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Hilarious : Paul Walker’s Funniest Moment Imitating Vin Diesel

Hilarious : Paul Walker’s Funniest Moment Imitating Vin Diesel

The Fast and the Furious movie phenomenon has taken over the world. The release of the Fast and Furious 7 has done wonders and broken many records at the box office. The movie has fetched over a $1 Billion dollars (with a B…Billion) and continues to move audience with its action, drama and real family feel.

For many, it was a tear jerker and a heart breaker that brought many vivid memories of Paul Walker, especially his fans. Everyone missed Paul. Recently, there have even been a few dedications as well, one of the popular ones was an emotional tribute to Paul Walker by Wiz Khalifa.

While we all get to enjoy the movies, it is very rare that we find what goes on behind the scenes and how all the actors interact with each other. It is only to our imagination what they are saying or how they are having fun when they are just being themselves and aren’t playing their characters on camera.

Here is just a real, unique, one of a kind behind the scenes moment that involves the late great star of Fast and Furious series, Paul Walker, in a funny interaction with fellow star Tyrese Gibson as Paul tries to imitate Vin Diesel.

You have got to watch the video below to see how Paul’s funny side makes fun of Vin Diesel as he dresses up like him and in the conversation literally goes : “It’s Diesel time!” – referring to Vin Diesel. Funny as heck.

Can you imagine what Vin Diesel’s reaction would have been? Haha. One can only imagine and how this moment will forever be etched in his memory as well.

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