Monday , 17 December 2018
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Here’s a breakdown of the world’s biggest tech brands on Twitter

Here’s a breakdown of the world’s biggest tech brands on Twitter

SocialRank is a startup hell-bent on helping brands keep tabs on their most valuable fans. But, with the recent launch of the SocialRank Index, the company now enables social media-wise brands to see how they stack up to the competition.

To do this, the Index captures the social stats of entire industries in aggregate — kind of like how the S&P 500 reflects the health of the U.S. stock market, SocialRank cofounder Alex Taub tells us.

SocialRank kicked off the launch of its Index yesterday with an incredibly detailed breakdown of the Twitter activity of the world’s biggest brands. And today, the company gave the tech industry some love with the release of a similar breakdown, charting the social activity of the world’s biggest tech brands.

Stepping back, the idea is to help tech brands (and soon, tech startups, tech media, and universities) accurately compare themselves to the rest of their industry, instead of just keeping tabs on a handful of competitors. And for non-social media managers, the Index is still pretty entertaining to watch, as engagement rates pop and drop.

Here’s a closer look at the Tech Index today:

Top tech companies by followers:

socialrank techco2

socialrank techco2

Top tech companies by engagement:

socialrank techco1

socialrank techco1

Top tech companies by location, activity, more:

socialrank techco3

socialrank techco3

As SocialRank grows and eventually supports other social media services like Instagram, Indexes like these could become increasingly accurate, and may even someday reflect the health of entire social media platforms. Interesting stuff.

For SocialRank’s full Tech Companies Index, head here.

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