Thursday , 17 October 2019
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Hands on:’s upcoming tech backpack with big speakers

Hands on:’s upcoming tech backpack with big speakers

Artist is launching a new tech fashion company today at the annual Salesforce conference in San Francisco. The first product, the Puls wrist device, is being released around the holiday season, but it’s part of a much larger fashion line of tech-infused clothing.

I also got a (limited) hands on with his second upcoming product to be released sometime later: a backpack with big speakers and (potential) home entertainment integration. Here’s another view of the bag:

photo (10)

The triangular-looking backpack has two large speakers on the outside, with sound big enough for a party. The bottom of the bag has a wireless inductive charger, which will supposedly be able to charge devices while they are in the bag.

Additionally, tells me that he wants the bag to have remote control. He imagines being able to stream music into the bag from either a smartphone or his new wrist device, the Puls. has built its own proprietary artificial intelligence software, which can recognize voice commands.

So, he imagines that it could potentially take voice commands from anywhere in the house and play music.

More details may come out on the bag over the next few hours (and days). We’ll update you with more.

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